Man Fakes Engine Failure in Insane Wedding Proposal Video

Would you say 'yes' to your future spouse after this?

June 23, 2017 2:53 pm

This couple can literally say that they’re “flying high” after getting engaged. In a video released by GoPro, a couple gets engaged while flying in a small private plane, but not before the guy piloting it pretends the engine is failing.

Anthony began flying late 2013. In a blog post for GoPro, Anthony says he pursued being a pilot because it had always been a dream of his. And then he knew he wanted to propose to Katherine, his girlfriend of two years, in the sky.

So this past February, Anthony convinced Katherine to come flying with him. Once up in the air, he pretended that the something was wrong with the plane and says they might need to land in the field below. He then asked a understandably anxious Katherine to read through a checklist that he has prepared called “Initiate Ring Engagement Process.”

Spoilers: The final questions on the check list: “Will the pilot in commander love the passenger forever? Check.” and “Will you marry the pilot in command?” and at that, Anthony pulls out a ring. Though Katherine seems thrilled by the proposal (and says yes!), she does call her new fiancé an idiot.

The couple got married on June 17th.

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