Man Barely Escapes Being Killed By Out of Control Rescue Helicopter

Rescue crew member narrowly dodged the helicopter tail boom's slicing blades.

August 7, 2017 5:00 am

A rescue helicopter crew faced its own life-threatening situation when they went to save a man suffering from heart problems atop Grossglockner mountain in the Austrian Alps.

The helicopter made its way to the top of Austria’s highest peak and got the patient on board, but then the pilot experienced an unknown problem that caused him to lose control of the aircraft, reports the New York Daily News

A rescue worker was still on the ground when the tail of the helicopter swung around towards him. He barely jumped out of the way. Seconds later, the blades cut into the mountain and the aircraft flipped immediately onto its top before nearly going over the 12,461 foot-tall edge.

Luckily, everyone escaped alive. A paramedic on board received minor injuries. The pilot and worker on the ground were unharmed, while the original patient also saw no injuries and was picked up by a second helicopter and flown to the hospital.

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