Even the World’s Richest Man Is No Match for Leonardo DiCaprio

A viral video shows Jeff Bezos's new girlfriend swooning over the actor

Who among us isn't ready to risk it all for DiCaprio?
Who among us isn't ready to risk it all for DiCaprio?
Kurt Krieger/Corbis/Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s 10th Art + Film gala took place last night, and it seemed every celebrity was in attendance.

Of the nearly 700 guests, A-listers from Lil Nas X to Diane Keaton were there to honor the arts, celebrating the evening’s honorees — filmmaker Steven Spielberg and artists Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley — plus the museum’s two new exhibitions, “The Obama Portraits Tour” and “Black American Portraits.”

While we could discuss the glistening fashion the event brought or even the two extraordinary exhibits, the internet, of course, is more enthralled by a video taken from the night of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Bezos and the billionaire’s new paramour, news anchor Lauren Sánchez.

In the now-viral video, the couple can be seen chatting with the actor while Sánchez nearly falls over backward looking up, laughing and smiling at the dazzling DiCaprio. It clearly looks as if she’s flirting with him right in front of Bezos, or is perhaps so enchanted by the actor she completely forgot her gazillionaire boyfriend was standing right next to her. Obviously we can’t fault the woman. I would ditch my man in a heartbeat for a six-second interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio without a second thought. But my boyfriend isn’t the world’s wealthiest person, which is why the internet is having such a field day with the clip.

“Richest man in the world and ya girl still choosin,” wrote Twitter user @MarchVeryOwn4 in response to the video. “Sis walked in with the richest man on the planet and risked it all when she got next to Leonardo,” tweeted another user. Both tweets have gathered more than 100,000 likes.

While we’re sure Sánchez wasn’t actually looking to trade in her boyfriend for a less wealthy — though much taller — suitor, the clip really exemplifies Leo’s superhuman ability to steal anyone’s girl.

But it looks like the viral interaction is no sweat off the Amazon tycoon’s very wealthy back. In response to the video now circulating every social media feed, Bezos jokingly threatened DiCaprio on Twitter.

Tagging the actor, Bezos tweeted, “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something …” along with a picture of himself flexing his muscles atop a “Danger!” sign somewhere in a forest. Honestly, I didn’t know Bezos had gainz like that.

Though, as many users have now pointed out, even if Sanchez (who’s 51) was ready to “risk it all,” unfortunately it’s a pretty well-known fact that perpetual bachelor DiCaprio does not entertain any woman over the age of 25 (as evident by this graph someone created), so you can sleep easy for now, Bezos.

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