Gen Z Is More Interested in Social Activism on Tinder; Millennials Want Travel

Tinder has officially shifted its focus to Gen Z, leaving adventure-seeking millennials behind

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Don't worry, Tinder has this coronavirus thing under control.
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Earlier this month, Tinder released a year-in-review report highlighting all the dating trends — the good the bad and the toxic — that defined the dating landscape in 2019.

One of the biggest shifts that’s taken place in recent years is that the elder half of Generation Z, many of whom have spent the entirety of their dating lives on apps, are now becoming Tinder’s target demo, and it turns out there are several key differences between Gen Z swipers and their millennial predecessors.

These distinctions in dating app behaviors tend to reflect emerging generational identities that are coming to define millennials and zoomers. When it comes to crafting the perfect Tinder bio, for example, Gen Z is looking for social justice allies, while millennials are more likely to mention travel.

According to the report, “Gen Z was more likely to mention causes or missions than travel in their bios in contrast to Millennials who were 3x more likely to talk travel.” Words and phrases like “climate change,” “social justice,” “the environment” and “gun control” reportedly dominated Gen Z bios and conversations on the app this year.

Top trending terms among the youngest generation of swipers also included “real,” “lit,” “stan,” and “tea,” while trending topics heavily featured pop culture icons and entertainers like Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers and Lizzo.

But according to Tinder, “causes are the symbol of the new generation,” one that’s looking for a partner “not just to match with, but to march with, too.”

In other words, Gen Z is using Tinder to better society, while millennials are still just talking about “going on adventures” with “travel buddies,” which, for the love of god, is something everyone should take out of their dating app bios immediately.

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