Fyre Fest Scammer Billy McFarland Recorded a Podcast in Prison

Because of course he did

billy mcfarland
Fyre Festival organizer/convicted felon Billy McFarland
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Not even literal imprisonment can stop a white man from recording a podcast, as Fyre Fest fraudster Billy McFarland has just proven. The mastermind behind the infamously failed 2017 festival is currently serving a six-year prison sentence at a federal correctional center in Ohio where, apparently, he recorded a podcast behind bars.

Dubbed Dumpster Fyre, the podcast was reportedly recorded over a series of 15-minute phone calls and features McFarland in conversation with podcaster Jordan Harbinger. The festival fraudster is apparently ready to come clean about his involvement in the scam, claiming he plans to “start from the beginning and go through every step and just kind of keep it raw” on the podcast, which dropped Tuesday.

According to the Daily Mail, McFarland claims he does not “have an agenda for what’s being told” on the podcast, though proceeds from the project will reportedly go towards the $26 million McFarland has been ordered to pay due to his involvement in the scam.

“This is inmate number 91186054, otherwise known as Billy McFarland, the founder of Fyre Festival. I’m currently serving my 29th month in federal prison at FCI Elkton in Ohio,” says McFarland in a teaser trailer for the podcast shared on Instagram. “This is my story.”

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The Story

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It just goes to show, you can throw a douchey 20-something white guy in prison, but you can’t stop him from starting a podcast.

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