Watch Former Special Forces Operative Make Dramatic Rescue in Iraq

Aid worker David Eubank saves young girl amidst heavy sniper fire from ISIS

June 20, 2017 9:17 am

Talk about a real American hero. David Eubank, a 56-year-old former Special Forces operative turned aid worker, found himself in Mosul, Iraq, in the middle of heavy sniper fire with little by way of cover. And 150 yards away from him, in a pile of dead civilians mowed down by the snipers, he saw a toddler, young girl, and wounded man.

So he decided to act.

As the Los Angeles Times explains, Eubank, is a member of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) an aid group that provides medical assistance, shelter, food, clothing, and educational materials in war-torn areas such as Burma, Sudan, and Iraq. Over the last few years, though, FBR has focused its relief efforts on regions affected by the Islamic State.

After Iraqi and U.S.-led coalition forces dropped smoke canisters in the area, Eubank and a small team, under heavy fire, crept to within yards of where the three survivors were trapped. Then, with two members of his team providing cover fire, Eubank ran into harm’s way and grabbed the little girl.

She was the only one of the three he was able to save—and surprisingly, the entire, seconds-long rescue mission was caught on camera.

Watch the heart-thumping video above.

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