Here’s Everything You Need to Know About “Beige Flags” in Relationships

Here's a hint: It may mean you're boring.

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Your color-coded guide to all the kinds of relationship flags.
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You’ve probably heard of red flags and green flags when it comes to looking for potential people to date. Well, now on TikTok — where else? — there’s a new trending flag color you may want to know about. Introducing: beige flags, a sign that means (we’re sorry to report) you’re probably boring or a bit bland. Here’s everything you need to know about the new “beige flag” trend.

First, what exactly are red and green flags?

If you don’t know about the term “flags” when it comes to new relationships, it generally means “signs” that you may want to look out for when looking for potential partners, or in other kinds of relationships outside of romantic ones, such as with friends and family. Red and green flags serve as a general flag baseline and indicate bad signs and good signs to look out for in someone.

Red flags are often warning signs that signify worrisome traits, such as bad or abusive behaviors. It’s kind of just your intuition saying “something about this is wrong.” Green flags, however, are the opposite. They’re positive signs that can affirm our decision-making, like finding good traits in the people that you meet. You want more of those.

How did the phrase “beige flags” start? 

The term was originally coined by TikTok user @itscaito to describe signs that someone might be kind of boring — or as she said in her TikTok, “probably very boring” — using examples like someone who has an opinion on pineapple on pizza, mentioning spreadsheets in any kind of way or saying you need someone “who can handle your banter.”


beige is the new red and in other news dating apps are a wasteland 🚩 #hinge #redflags #datingredflags #hingedating

♬ original sound – Caito

dating app BEIGE FLAGS part 2 !! we’re stuck in a very dull circle of hell ❤️‍🔥 #hinge #redflags #datingredflags #hingedating #perthdating #datingapps #beige

♬ original sound – Caito
In this TikTok, @itscaito references other “beige flags” she has, including crypto, saying you’re “fluent in sarcasm” or including your height in a dating profile and then adding “if that matters.”

Other people took to the comments of Cait’s videos expressing their own beige flags for people, in which I’ve compiled a list of for a better understanding:

  • “‘Partner in crime’ references,” from user @meezergeezer 
  • “If they mention being good at Mariokart or being over competitive about everything” from user @will_watches
  • Saying “Dating me is like finding an extra chicken nugget” from user @dangerousgeese
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What’s happening with the meaning of “beige flags” now?

The trending phrase’s meaning is slightly changing, as people in relationships are now posting on TikTok about their partners’ beige flags and using it to symbolize a semi-odd, or maybe even annoying, quirks that they chose to look over. And there’s quite a range with these, like girlfriends who have to announce everything to boyfriends who meow. Exhibit A:

Should you care about beige flags? 

While green and red flags probably have a more universal meaning to the average person, it seems like beige flags have quite a range, so a beige flag to one person might not be quite as beige to another. Maybe you really care deeply about pineapple on pizza and want to find someone who cares about it too. Maybe you want to be the Jim to someone’s Pam. That’s great for you, and I’m sure you’ll find someone who accepts you — beige flags and all. 

So, should you care enough to worry about what traits of yours might be considered “beige”? Probably not. You definitely don’t want to come off as unoriginal or too odd, but if you recognize a trait of yours in this article and are genuinely upset about someone poking fun at your self-identified beige flag, I would probably consider that a potential red flag. 

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