Internet Famous Diver Faces Troubling Allegations

The story of Adventures With Purpose took an unpleasant turn this year

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Online fame works both ways.
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Last January, the New York Times reported on an unusual investigation in Texas. As recounted by Neil Vigdor and Isabella Grullón Paz, the sheriff of Bosque County sought out the assistance of a company called Adventures With Purpose and its founder, Jared Leisek, in locating the body of a man missing for 13 years. The investigation involved Leisek and his colleagues searching a number of vehicles located at the bottom of a reservoir — and it’s something that Adventures With Purpose has become known for in recent years.

If the idea of divers exploring sunken vehicles in search of evidence of a crime sounds intriguing, you’re not alone — Adventures With Purpose’s YouTube channel has just under 3 million subscribers. As Rachel Monroe writes in The New Yorker, Adventures With Purpose’s efforts to help solve cold cases led to significant growth from relatively humble beginnings.

Unfortunately, Leisek is now embroiled in legal trouble of his own. As Monroe notes, Leisek was arrested earlier this year after a relative accused him of raping her 30 years ago. At the time, the relative was 10 years old and Leisek, as per Insider’s reporting, “was either 16 or 17.”

As per The New Yorker‘s article, Leisek faces one charge of rape — though if found guilty, Monroe writes, “he will be sentenced as a juvenile.”

It’s an unsettling situation for many reasons — not the least of which is the way that a man inexorably linked with cold cases is at the center of a decades-old case of his own. For now, Leisek and Adventures With Purpose are continuing with their work — but for some who had enthusiastically followed that work, doing so after Leisek’s arrest has proven impossible.

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