You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Custom Vitamins

What’s in ‘em is entirely up to you

August 5, 2016 9:00 am

The 3D-printing revolution has given us, well, a lot of hype.

And we’re tired of hype.

Fortunately, a new company called Multiply Labs has a fix for your weariness. They’ve figured out how to 3D print your pills … and you can customize ‘em any way you see fit.

Dubbed the “first-ever personalized supplement pill,” these personalized caps are designed to boost energy, health and help you exercise. And, cool trick: Depending on your needs, the vitamins and supplements in your pill can be released at different times into your body.  

“We actually 3D-print a pill with different compartments using pharmaceutical materials,” says Tiffany Kuo, the co-founder of Multiply Labs. “By varying the material we use and the thickness of the pill’s compartments, we can control when these different compartments release the supplements.”

We took a test run on the site. It only took about a minute to design a pill. Basically, you fill out some basic info (e-mail, name, age, weight, height, gender), pick what you’re interested in improving (your health, energy or workouts) and then decide how much say you want in the final product.

Using a mapping algorithm, the site can suggest a supplement mix, show you the most popular pill based on your goals, or — if you trust yourself — allow you to choose your own ratios. The pill design can also be adjusted based on when you want to take the pills and when you want the effects to kick in.

Your pills arrive either via subscription (15 every two weeks) or as a one-time order, with the first ones going out in spring 2017.

That gives you a few months to break the news to the Flintstones.

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