Ever Been Screwed Over on Medical Bills? This Startup Can Tell You.

Potential savings? $1,000 a year.

September 29, 2016 9:00 am

During my first appointment with an accountant many years ago, I was scolded.

“If you’re sick, you go to the doctor, right?” he chided me. “And if you need to save money, you come to me. Same thing.”

And now, in a syngergistic world, there’s an accountant for your medical bills.

Formerly in private beta and publicly launched this week, Remedy claims they can save the average family $1,000 per year in medical bills through their company’s technology and peer review. Basically, they audit your complex medical charges, during which process they often find mistakes that can lead to savings of up to 70%. 

How it works: You connect your insurance account to Remedy. From there, the company’s team reviews all medical charges and searches for errors (they claim $120 billion of our annual $3 trillion in health-related spending is overcharging or billing errors, giving them a lot to work with).

They’ll negotiate with your insurance company, and they only charge a 20% service fee on your savings, up to $99. If the bill is correct, you’ll pay nothing.

Hey, couldn’t hurt.

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