Inside the Leatherman Garage, Where They’re Making Innovative, Limited-Edition Multitools

The leading multitool maker isn't resting on its laurels

February 25, 2022 12:39 pm
Step inside the Leatherman Garage in 2022
Step inside the Leatherman Garage

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When Tim Leatherman launched the original Leatherman multitool almost 40 years ago, few could predict how quickly a simple device would achieve such recognition. Once a novelty, Leatherman has since established itself as the leading maker of multitools, selling not thousands but millions of tools that occupy space in kitchen junk drawers, toolboxes and pockets across the country.

But if you thought such prosperity would lead the Oregon brand to bask in its success, think again. Leatherman is still developing innovative multitools from the Bond to the Free series that continue to reimagine what we know a multitool to be. And for the first time, Leatherman’s designers and engineers are pushing the limits of innovation in the Garage.

The Leatherman Garage
The Leatherman Garage

By adopting the same sense of grit, perseverance and creativity that Tim Leatherman utilized in his personal garage so long ago, the Leatherman design team will experiment with new materials, concepts and processes in a think-tank-like environment. As Bob Ross would say, there’s no such thing as a mistake in the Garage — only happy little accidents that push the boundaries of the modern multitool.

While the innovation space was once nothing more than a fledgling concept, it has since released its first official product, Mr. Crunch. Not to be confused with the Leatherman Crunch, the Mr. Crunch features 21 tools that include a chisel and package opener, screwdrivers, scissors and blades, as well as slip-on pliers from Tim’s original prototype. When the bluntnose pliers are unveiled from the multitool’s center, users can convert to a set of retractable needlenose tips depending on the task at hand. And the tool comes with a limited-edition engraved leather pouch that boosts its style appeal.

There’s only one caveat you need to consider: tools released by the Garage are available in very limited quantities. For instance, Leatherman only produced about 500 of the Mr. Crunch and it sold out in just 10 minutes. And orders that contain more than two tools will be subject to review.

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