Reverse Axe Thing Is Good for Chopping Wood, Keeping Digits

Your dad might disapprove, but it's pretty nifty

August 23, 2016 9:00 am

A healthy pile of kindling is among the most important things a man can have in the wild.

Kindling equals fire; fire equals warmth, light and food. Also: campfire songs.

And it’s not that making kindling is particularly difficult — it’s surely easier on the back than chopping wood. It’s just splitting wood with the Kindling Cracker looks helluva lot more fun.

It also helps that this simple iron ring, invented by a 13-year-old New Zealand student for a school science fair project and now available in the U.S., is the safest way to make kindling. No swinging of a sharp axe. No fingers lost. Just good, clean kindling.

All you need is a mallet (or another piece of wood), dry timber and a few forceful taps and you’ve got fire for days.

Just make sure you pack matches.

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