Elon Musk Is Selling a $600 Flamethrower. For Real.

It's yours — if you can guess the password

January 26, 2018 9:00 am

While we wait for him to deliver on promises like affordable solar power, humans on Mars and a 20-minute rocket from NYC to Paris, it appears Elon Musk plans to make good on at least one of his wild and crazy ideas.

The idea in question? The billionaire’s claim that his Boring Company would sell a flamethrower.

After cooking up that idea on December 10th, it appears Musk has turned it into reality, as www.boringcompany.com/flamethrower now leads to a page that asks for a password.

It’s since been changed, but after using the password “flame,” a visitor to the site was able to unlock a page offering the chance to preorder a Boring Company-brand flamethrower for $600.

If you ask us, the whole thing is ridiculous.

But if you’re in the market for a flamethrower, it appears Musk is driving a pretty fair deal — comparable models can run you up to $1,600. And tax and shipping are included.

Fire away.

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