Never Be Late for a Meeting Again

These calendar apps solve your planning issues

August 22, 2016 9:00 am

Need a job done? Give it to a busy person.

Because a person with a full plate — and a limited amount of time to clear it — knows how to be efficient. Or you could, y’know, just become the efficient person yourself.

Helping you achieve that: eight calendar apps that perfectly map out your week — with some snazzy bonus features included.

Like: The one that also balances your budget. Or the one that builds a spy dossier on everyone you’re meeting. And one that’s even … kind of fun.

Why today? Because Sunrise, our favorite calendar app, is going away. So we needed a replacement before month’s end.

And it pays to have a contingency plan.

For the guy who’s looking for a personal assistant

The problem with most calendar apps? You have to write the information into the right time and day. With Fantastical 2, you just say or write what you want to remember, and the app autopopulates it into the desired date and time slot.

For the guy who needs help budgeting

With Dollarbird, all you have to do is add your income and expenses to the calendar, et voila: your balance is calculated for you. You can also set up recurring transactions and schedule reminders for bill payments.

For the guy who’s always late

Instead of looking at your daily chores and meetings as a list, Dials displays them in an easy-to-read “Clock view.” One quick glance and you know what you have to do — and when.

For the know-it-all in training

Never enter a business meeting unprepared again. Charlie does your homework for you and sends you an email with digestible results on each participant before said meeting starts.

For the guy who has too many friends

Say you already have a calendar app that works just fine; your only problem is you and your friends can’t seem to find time to make plans together. Raft takes the events from your calendar and shares them with friends and family with one easy tap so you’re all on the same page, literally. And bonus: You can add GIFS to every calendar entry. (Editor’s note: adding GIFS is the highlight/downfall of every InsideHook e-mail or Slack exchange.)

For the guy who hates weather extremes

Moleskine’s Timepage lets you plan events around the forecast for the upcoming day, week or month. You can also get directions to your next coffee meeting/date and order an Uber, all within the app. Plus, it hooks up with all your existing calendars (iCloud, Google, etc.).

For the guy who likes to take it one day at a time

Cal is specifically designed to help you see each day in a visually pleasing way, whether you’re busy or just hanging out.

For the guy who always has a conference call

With Meeting Mogul, you’ll never miss a conference call again. Not only will you get call alerts, but you can record notes and review meeting summaries all in the same place.  

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