Apple’s New Mac Pro Costs an Eye-Popping $52,599

And there's one option that could double the price

Apple Mac Pro
Apple CEO Tim Cook worshipping the new Mac Pro back in June
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Back in June we marveled that Apple’s just-announced Mac Pro could set you back $45,000.

Now that the high-powered unit is here, it turns out we came up a little short. Like $8K short.

As The Verge notes, the Mac Pro (available to order this week) starts at $5,999 for the most bare bones model, but goes up to a whopping $52,599 if you want the most powerful unit. So you could get a new Audi or Volvo … or you can buy a new Mac Pro. Unless, of course, you can buy both. If so, bully for you.

The new MacPro and Pro Display XDR screen (Photos: Apple)

That most-powerful set-up would include 28-Core, 2.5GHz Intel Xeon W processor, a 1.5TB of RAM, 4TB of SSD storage, two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphic cards, an Afterburner accelerator card, wheels (!), plus a Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad.

Mac Pro
An order page for configuring the new Mac Pro (Apple)

And that’s before you add in an XDR monitor (up to $6K more) and a $999 monitor stand, sold separately. You could technically add up to seven of these monitors, but then your cost goes above $100,000. Also, an 8TB SSD storage option is “coming soon,” which will probably add a few hundred bucks.

If you’re interested in buying us one for the holidays, you can configure your Mac Pro here.

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