Who Designed This Modular Home Stereo? You Did.

It's LEGOs for listening to music, and you're gonna love it

August 2, 2016 9:00 am

Putting together a home sound system was once the product of blood, sweat and crushing the hopes and dreams of all your rivals, Daniel Plainview-style (looking at you, Mr. Edison).

But now? It’s child’s play — literally — thanks to Sonic Blocks and their new snap-together system of woofers, tweeters and drivers.

Described by the New York family business as “the world’s first modular music ecosystem,” SB’s Bluetooth speakers start out as an exoskeleton and a “brain.” From there, audiophiles can build their dream music cabinet by swapping components in and out or connecting multiple units … pretty much like LEGOs.

Each “block” is stackable, features 15 hours of battery life and a host of digital/analog inputs. As for specs: each Sonic Blocks unit is a full fidelity Dual Class D digital amplifier capable of outputting 90 dB+ SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

Translation: it sounds good. Real good.

But it looks even better. Using an app, you can program different colors and patterns, as well as light up different speaker faces. The lights also serve as indicators for your wifi, volume, incoming calls/emails and battery power.

A starter bundle is currently priced at $199 on Indiegogo (regularly $399), with add-ons like sound bars available at higher pledges.

At that price, this sytem should be music to your ears in more ways than one.

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