Thom Browne’s $65 Designer Hamburger Meal…Is Worth Every Penny

RealClearLife reviews the double cheeseburger exclusively for sale at Barneys New York Downtown.

September 24, 2018 5:00 am

Fresh off the heels of the news that his brand was being acquired by fashion giant Ermenigildo Zegna for a cool $500 million, Thom Browne rightfully entered into celebration mode with a little help from his good friends at Barneys New York. Together, the esteemed American designer and the New York-based retail destination collaborated on an all-around homage to Browne’s retro-prep aesthetic.

It includes a set of Barneys-exclusive merchandise, as well as a maze of cheeky photo opportunities and a film entitled “Anatomy of a Suit,” which serves to introduce the brand’s custom suiting program that favors tailored, somewhat shrunken fits. But perhaps the most widely loved and tastiest portion of the program is the Thom Browne burger, available exclusively at Freds at Barneys Downtown in Manhattan’s West Village. Yes, you heard that right, an edible designer burger.

Burger via Thom Browne/Barney’s New York

Through much tortuous burger testing, the designer and his team opted to craft an chic homage to the classic three-bun, double-decker hamburger that one might find at a ubiquitous American fast food chain that shall not be named. However, rather than choosing simple, paper-thin patties and globs of condiments, this dish is comprised of two generously proportioned beef patties separated by a middle bun and topped with American cheese, a side of Freds famous fries, and a row of three condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise, and an unexpectedly delicious savory blueberry dipping sauce. It’s all yours for $30, and for those in the mood to splurge (which we recommend!) you can wash it all down with a miniature bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne for an additional $35.

After experiencing the meal first-hand, it’s easy to see why this delectable creation has been a smash hit among Browne’s cult-following. Several diners—us included—chose to sport their favorite Thom Browne regalia to match the designer burger in front of them, which comes delivered in a box fully decked out in the designer’s signature Americana color palette: Red, white, and blue.

The Thom Browne Burger will be available exclusively at Freds at Barneys Downtown until early October. 


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