Alpine Changes Are Coming to Toblerone Packaging

It has to do with Swiss law

This package is about to get a makeover.
Valera Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Image

Champagne, bourbon and Toblerone might not be three things you’d associate with one another — except for the fact that are three are delicious. But the famed chocolate bars, which are ubiquitous in airport duty free shops and elsewhere, have more in common with the other two items on that list than you’d expect.

Turns out all three have very strict regulation over their region of origin — and just like sparkling wine has to be from a certain region to be Champagne, so too are there conditions under which Toblerone can feature the Matterhorn on its packages. And, as The Guardian reports, those conditions are no longer being met — which means change is on the horizon.

It turns out that the Matterhorn can only be used to advertise products made entirely in Switzerland — and, these days, Toblerone is not manufactured exclusively there. A redesigned version featuring what a spokesperson for Toblerone parent company Mondelēz called “a modernised and streamlined mountain logo” will soon be on shelves.

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As The Guardian notes, production of some Toblerone bars will shift to Slovakia at the end of this year. Another change coming to the packaging as a result will be a shift in the wording there. Where the bars had previously said “of Switzerland,” they’ll now say “established in Switzerland.”

Whether or not the chocolate bar’s new mountain logo will also have a bear hidden within it remains to be seen, however.


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