Cocktail Suitcases. Let’s Talk About ‘Em.

Tipple-friendly luggage for the boozehound on the go

By The Editors
November 3, 2015 9:00 am
Cocktail Suitcases. Let’s Talk About ‘Em.
Miles Willis

Best carry-on luggage ever?

Best carry-on luggage ever.

Tipplesworth, a U.K. spirits/lifestyle company, now sells a line of vintage suitcases that double as traveling cocktail bars.

Each handsome case is personalized to an individual cocktail. Spirits and mixers and are included in each, along with professional barware, glassware and recipe cards.

Available right now, for $235-$285:

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Case, available in a leather print case “inspired by mid-century gentlemen’s suitcases.”

An Apple and Elderflower Martini Case, aka “the best of British.” Featuring English potato vodka, elderflower liqueur and apple juice housed within a houndstooth cocktail case.

And The Bramble Cocktail Case, a “tart and fruity” gin cocktail ensconced in a tweed case.

Refills are available for each ingredient. T’worth also produces a line of mini cocktail kits for your smaller bags (a la W&P Design’s Carry-on Cocktail Kits).

Sadly, the company only delivers in the U.K. at present, although both the luggage and minikits are available in a number of posh English brick-and-mortar stores.

Hey, if anything’s worth a trip…


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