Here’s Why the ‘World’s Smartest Grill’ Just Got Funded in Less Than a Day

Embers can lie. Heat sensors don't.

April 20, 2018 9:00 am

Part of the ceremony of grilling is actually standing over the embers and, you know, grilling.

Verb, action. The beautiful inexact and mysterious science of flipping burgers and moving around your meats and veggies until everything is “ready.”

Thankfully, the just-launched Vaustil Primero — dubbed “the world’s smartest grill” — has the brains to guide you but lets you tinker at will.

Inspired by Argentinian grills, conceived in Mexico and beautifully crafted from stainless steel, aluminum and oak in Austria, the Vaustils separate themselves from conventional grills in three ways:

It uses an integrated charcoal start, which generate strong flames and reaches optimal temperatures in under 20 minutes. Plus, there’s a height-adjustable V-profile grate that’ll steer liquids from the food away from your coals.

And, if you opt for the slightly more expensive smart version of the grill, you’ll have seven temperature sensors that can give you more insights on heat distribution via a smartphone app. According to the Vaustil makers, even a uniform-looking distribution of embers can see up to 100 degree Celsius temperature differences within the flames — so the sensors and app can help you redistribute your food and adjust the height of the grates.

The grills are currently on pre-order at Kickstarter for $1,100-$1,350 (depending on if you’re going smart or not), and they’ve already reached their funding goals. You’ve got over a month to buy ‘em, however, and delivery is set for June.

A smart time to get your grill game going.


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