Here’s How Much a Beer Will Cost You in 70 Cities All Over the World

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April 10, 2017 9:00 am

We’re not saying you should plan your vacation around the price of beer.

But if you are, choose Slovakia over Switzerland.

Travel site GoEuro just released its annual Beer Price Index, one of several studies the site uses to compare the average cost of “common expenditures” to help travelers plan their vacations. The data was compiled from 70 cities and compared prices in both bars and shops. The study also gathered information on each city’s beer consumption habits.

Three interesting discoveries:

  • The cheapest city for roughly 12 oz. of suds? Picturesque Bratislava, Slovakia. Here, the average beer will run you just 51 cents in the store and $2.80 at a bar.
  • The most expensive? Lausanne, Switzerland. While you’ll only pay $1.42 for beer at a store (pretty decent!), it’s a whopping $17.60 per unit to imbibe at the local watering hole.
  • The country that consumes the most beer per capita is Poland. The top two cities for beer guzzling in GoEuro’s survey were Krakow and Warsaw, both at 34 gallons per capita. Cairo, on the other hand, averages a measly one gallon.

Of the six American cities that made the list, Miami had the cheapest supermarket beer, while Los Angeles surprisingly edged out New York and San Francisco for the most expensive. Conversely, L.A. was the cheapest American city in this survey for bar brews, while New York had the highest price. (The info’s a few years old, but if you’re truly looking for a cheap U.S. city to imbibe, try Baton Rouge.)

Na zdravie, as the Slovaks say.


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