Cold Infusion

By The Editors
August 14, 2012 9:00 am
Cold Infusion

When it comes to making cocktails at home, a man’s only as good as his ingredients — after all, you wouldn’t insult your neighbor with a Bloody Mary made from bottled mix or, god forbid, a Sweet’N Low Collins.

Make the cocktails you both deserve, with the Porthole.

PortholeDesigned by a former Czech-born castle blacksmith and originally intended for the molecular gastronomes at Chicago’s The Aviary, The Porthole is a Jules Verne-inspired “infusion vessel” — which means it gradually imbues flavors (derived from fruits to herbs to teas) into tasty-to-drink liquids (like booze … or coffee, lemonade, or even cooking oils … but hopefully booze).

The deceptively simple design — a sandwich of two flat glass pieces, a choice of three varied-density steel filters and a silicone base with spout — snaps together easily, allowing you to fill the 13 oz. ‘hole with dried fruits, coarse coffee beans, loose-leaf teas or any other item that can gradually flavor the surrounding liquid (one idea: a Tequila Ginger Apricot cocktail that gains potency and nuances as it bathes).

The Porthole’s only available for pre-orders for the next three weeks, though the designer also offers an array of other gorgeous kitchen items, including a sexy serving plate dubbed “Dune” and a “Bud Vase” — for holding your cooking herbs, sadly not for arranging the king of beers.


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