It Sure Sounds Like Taco Bell Is Experimenting With Mexican Pizza Variations

Good news for diners in Omaha and Oklahoma City

Mexican Pizza
Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza.
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell

The old adage about now knowing what you’ve had until it’s gone can apply to many things in life, from relationships to sports teams. Perhaps the most recent — and, I would argue, the tastiest — manifestation of this involves fast food. Specifically, it involves the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell. When the fast food chain discontinued it, something became apparent very quickly: there was far more demand for it than many people had realized.

I’ll add my own name to that list — in the last year or so, I’ve learned that many friends of mine were biding their time awaiting the Mexican Pizza’s return. Not surprisingly, the restaurant embraced the cult status of the dish, promoting its return earlier this year with the promise of a Mexican Pizza musical featuring Dolly Parton.

Now, news has emerged of the next logical step in the Mexican Pizza comeback: multiple styles of Mexican Pizza. As Food & Wine reports, Taco Bell is now offering two variations on the meal for sale in specific locations. Assumably, if they find an audience there, you might see them a little closer to home.

The two variations are the Cheese Jalapeno Mexican Pizza and the Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza, on sale in Oklahoma City and Omaha, respectively. As you might guess, the former features nacho cheese and peppers, while the latter boasts the addition of a third layer and seems not unlike the fast food version of this 2004 article from The Onion.

As Food & Wine details, the two new Mexican Pizzas will be on sale beginning on December 22. Does this merit being dubbed a Christmas miracle? For some diners, it just might.


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