Suntory Wants to Send You a Beer Glass Perfectly Suited to Your DNA

Seven billion glasses of beer on the wall, seven billion ...

By The Editors
December 26, 2016 9:00 am

You call yourself a craft beer guy. A real dyed-in-the-wool ale enthusiast.

And yet, you’re still tippling out of those Crate & Barrel glasses you got as a wedding gift.

It’s time to grow up, spit in a tube and send it to Japan, because the DNA Glass is here.

The company claims it can analyze DNA from a saliva sample — picking out traits like alcohol tolerance and sensitivity to hops and malt aroma — and then design the perfect beer glass for you, customizing volume, rim diameter and other traits to best suit your alleged genetic preferences. Then they 3D print it and ship it your way.

You can’t order one of these asymmetrical chalices just yet, but we don’t think they’re bluffing: the DNA Glass team includes creative directors from notable Japanese beverage company Suntory.

We’ll keep tabs on an official release, but it might be a while, seeing as we’re still waiting on the results from Suntory’s last big marketing stunt, when they sent a bottle of whiskey into space.


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