Space Beer: So Crazy It Just Might Work! (It Probably Won’t Work.)

Bottoms up. Like waaay up.

April 19, 2018 9:00 am

Space beers.

This might take the crown for “solution to a problem that didn’t exist.”

For starters: Any space cowboy who ever successfully navigated some lunar mission gone awry (IRL or on the silver screen) definitely did not have a couple cold ones in the command center fridge. But, that’s just how you know the dawn of consumer space travel is upon us. 

Vostok Space Beer is the galaxy’s first potential outerspace brew, a collaboration between Saber Astronautics, a Sydney- and Denver-based space engineering startup, and 4 Pines Beer, an Australian craft brewery. They’re looking for a whopping one million bucks in the next month to get the project off the ground. 

How does it work? Well, the brains behind the project had to reimagine beer for an environment where alcohol absorpton is more intense, and pouring is … difficult. Six years in the making, the galactic brewers have settled on a “Dry Irish Stout” with 5.1% ABV, in a contraption based on “fuel tank technology” that essentially uses surface tension to offer a clean pour. 

The way we see it, if you’ve got the bucks to clinch a space tour in the next decade or so, you might as well enjoy a beer or two while gazing down at Earth.

Find more info on early-bird specials here.  


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