Robot Chef Prototype From Moley Robotics Cooks and Cleans

October 16, 2016 5:00 am

Moley Robotics has built a robot prototype that not only cooks for you, but cleans up after itself.

Presented as the first fully automated, intelligent cooking robot, Moley’s robot chef can learn and prepare recipes accessible through a digital library platform. The robot’s articulated hands can handle utensils, measure and pour liquids, and even execute more delicate work like cracking eggs.

Aesthetically, it looks like something taken from Tony Stark’s house, in that it’s smooth and functional instead of clunky and industrial. This is probably due to the motion-capture process, in which human Chef Tim Anderson was outfitted with special gloves and wristbands to record his movements during the engineering phase. It went well enough to raise the possibility that the Moley could be programmed to mimic other famous chefs, as well as prepare their recipes.

Check out a brief overview of the Moley kitchen robot’s functionality, and watch more videos on the robot on the company’s YouTube channel.


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