Pantry Popper

By The Editors
September 4, 2012 9:00 am
Pantry Popper

Malcolm Gladwell once posited that it takes 10,000 hours to master a task — works for Bill Gates, doesn’t work if you simply want to learn how to make a nice salmon dish.

Cut the hours but keep the masterful results, thanks to Pop-Up Pantry.

Cooked up by, among other people, a former Le Cirque chef, PUP is a subscription food service that delivers three-course meals by nationally-known chefs to your door, each requiring 30 minutes of prep work and — this one’s for you, bachelors —“the ability to boil water.”

To start your noshing, fill out a quick Taste Profile (food prefs, allergies, etc.) and PUP will begin emailing you customized menus crafted by the likes of Rodelio Agilibot (of BLT fame) and Frank Fronda (from a little place called Napa Valley Grill).

From there, pick the meals you want, when/where you want them delivered, and get cooking — most dishes are sous vide and only require only a simple reheating.

Current main courses include lemongrass salmon, portobello Wellington, and butternut squash lasagna (veggie/vegan options are also available), all with apps and desserts. A dinner for two runs for $17 per person, but on your first order of two meals, InsideHook readers can get another one free by using this code: InsideHook — giving you even more time to master that water boiling thing.


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