NPR’s New Wine Club Is All About Informed Liberal Pours

Fun fact: it makes pledge drives somewhat tolerable

September 27, 2017 9:00 am

When the folks at NPR decided to add an alcohol subscription service to their fundraising efforts, there was really only one choice.

Beer of the month? Kind of lowbrow. Whiskey? Too strong. How about wine? Bingo.

Launched this week, the NPR Wine Club offers a selection of bottles that have been sourced by Laithwaite’s Wine. According to NPR, Laithwaite’s Wine tests more than 40,000 wines each year and only picks the top two percent for their home delivery service.

Tailored for “curious minds and curious taste buds,” the NPR Wine Club offers 12 hand–selected wines (red, white or a mix) for an introductory price $79.99, but tack on another $20 or shipping.

But wait — there’s more.

If you order, NPR will send you a complimentary trio of specially curated reds: The Weekend Edition Cabernet Sauvignon, All Grapes Considered Malbec and NPR Uncorked Merlot.

There are some additional benefits that come along with joining the club (discounts, tasting notes, etc.) with the biggest one being you’re guaranteed the ability to one-up anyone else’s dinner party conversation topic.

Have we mentioned a bottle of NPR wine would be the perfect thing to bring to a dinner party? You can even deliver it in your NPR pledge-drive tote bag.


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