Regular Tabasco Is Weak, Scorpion Tabasco Is Not

Tabasco's new sauce is 20 times hotter than the original

July 19, 2017 9:00 am

We have good news and bad news about Tabasco’s newest variety of hot sauce.

The good news: unlike hot sauce made from the newly crowned world’s hottest pepper — get this, actually called Dragon’s Breath — this condiment won’t kill you. 

The bad news: the hot sauce — which was released exclusively today on Tabasco’s website — sold out quick. So, until it pops up on Amazon, you’re SOL. 

That said, Scorpion Sauce, the limited edition condiment which combines the type of pepper it’s named after with ingredients like guava and pineapple, is still up for grabs at Tabasco’s HQ store in Avery Island, Louisiana.

Twenty times hotter than original Tabasco, the Scorpion sauce is the spiciest product the McIlhenny Company has ever produced. It also has a “touch of Caribbean sweetness.”

Thing is, considering the tabasco pepper is basically only as hot as cayenne and the new sauce is only 20 times hotter than that, you can do better if you want some heat. May we suggest this?  

Either way, considering what a hot seller the $8 sauce was, we’d wager they’ll restock soon enough.


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