Bill Murray and Guy Fieri Offer Jimmy Fallon a Lesson in Nacho-Making

Warning: watching this clip will probably make you crave nachos

The fine art of making nachos
Nachos: the best food, or the best food ever? Discuss.

As comfort food goes, there’s little that can top the appeal of a good plate of nachos. Or even a passable plate of nachos, when it comes down to it. But perfecting the art of nachos at home can be a tricky business. That’s a dilemma that a trio of guys with very strong opinions about nachos sought to unravel one night on late-night television.

More specifically, it involved Guy Fieri and Bill Murray walking Jimmy Fallon through the process of making delicious nachos on The Tonight Show.

The sketch falls into the time-honored tradition of “famous people telling Jimmy Fallon how to do things” — see also, this sketch from Austin last year — but is buoyed by the offbeat energy of having both Guy Fieri and Bill Murray in the same (virtual) room. Murray also throws in a recommendation of his son’s skills with food, which (if anything) is an understatement — his son Homer’s Brooklyn restaurant is home to an excellent menu.

There’s also a fair amount of discussion of hot sauce, which is always welcome.

While the sight of Fallon making nachos is instructive, there’s also another reason for this unlikely team-up. Fieri spends a fair amount of time discussing his work for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund — designed to help restaurant workers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. As of yesterday, the fund had raised over $20 million — an impressive amount so far, and one that will hopefully keep growing in the days and weeks to come.

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