TV | November 8, 2019 10:54 am

In Austin, Jimmy Fallon Learns a Valuable Lesson From Matthew McConaughey

Can the host of “The Tonight Show” keep Austin weird?

Matthew McConaughey
Who better than Matthew McConaughey to introduce Jimmy Fallon to the world of Austin?

The Tonight Show made its way to Austin, Texas for a special taping at the University of Texas last night. When in Texas, it behooves one to bring in a special guest who is inexorably associated with the state in the minds of many, and thus: a sketch in which Fallon attended a class being taught by Matthew McConaughey.

The subject, sadly, was not time being a flat circle or whatever happened at the end of Interstellar. The focus was instead on Fallon doing an utterly terrible job of paying attention, including eating a gummy worm in truly disturbing manner.

The entire motif of Fallon-as-terrible-student segued to a more musical segment: McConaughey asked Fallon if he had a guitar, and the scene shifted from the classroom to the stage, where Fallon led the audience in singing “The Eyes of Texas.”

The whole thing closed with Fallon and McConaughey striking a massive drum, which seemed like an appropriate way to finish. After all, McConaughey does know a thing or two about drumming.

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