Drink Your Way Around the World as Bombay’s New Gin Ambassador

You'll live out Phileas Fogg’s fabled 80 days ... with booze

August 22, 2018 9:00 am

For anyone currently updating their LinkedIn or clicking “refresh” on a job-listings site:

London’s Mr. Fogg’s, a chain of concept restaurants based on Jules Verne’s 1873 novel Around the World in 80 Days, just posted one heckuva job offer. Ahead of a planned September opening for new joint The Society of Exploration in London neighborhood The Strand, Mr. Fogg’s is teaming with Bombay Gin to send two people on an all-expenses-paid quest to source ingredients for the perfect “Around the World Cocktail.”

Yeah. Pretty, pretty good. Applications are due by Monday, August 27, and request some innocent-enough info:

“How many countries have you visited in the last five years? How punctual are you? Do you like gin? How interested are you in the Victorian era?”

That last one might be important: in addition to savviness with social media and photography (if you can’t point and click, your friend better be able to), you have to be willing to don Victorian finery.

The series of buccaneering capers will take you from Bombay to Hong Kong, Paris to New York and Japan to San Fran (“though perhaps not in that precise order,” the flyer explains), and will have you back in London come November, in time to present your cocktail findings to the new restaurant. There will apparently be a “wager” (money) waiting for you upon return.

Before you ask — we don’t think this is all going down in a hot air balloon. But who’s to say?

Apply here.


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