Meal Plan: Ari Taymor

The man behind Alma gives us his dining checklist for 2017

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Chefs love food.

But they don’t necessarily love cooking it at home (a job’ll do that to you).

Which is why chefs also tend to be very knowledgeable diners. Like Ari Taymor, the toque behind Alma at The Standard.

The man knows L.A. dining, so we asked him which restaurants and bars are on his 2017 eating-out bucket list.

meal plan ari taymor (5 images)

Brunch: Jon and Vinny’s

“I have been meaning to check out the Jon and Vinny’s breakfast. I’ve been for dinner, which is killer but, I would love to see what they do in the morning with eggs and that wood fired oven.”

Lunch: Howlin’ Ray’s

“Howlin Rays hot chicken has been on my list for a while. I hear nothing but amazing things, but that lunchtime line seems pretty insane — so it would have to be on a day off.”

Snacks/Coffee: Tartine
Downtown L.A. (coming soon)

“Dying to go to the Tartine manufactory. I used to work for Chad when he owned Bar Tartine. His talent, kindness and creativity are through the roof. I am so curious to see the evolution of everything I saw back then.”

Nightlife: The Friend

“I’ve heard great things about the Friend Bar, in Silverlake. Has a classic and romantic vibe, kind of a throwback to a different kind of bar, one where you can have a conversation or meet someone you might never have come across.”

Dinner: Taco Maria
Costa Mesa

“I’d love to finally get down to taco Maria in Costa Mesa. They’re killing it! A bunch of friends have gone and have told me nothing but amazing things. It seems really fresh and interesting, and it’s always amazing to see the city’s food scene thriving.”

You should also add Alma at the Standard (in Hollywood) to your to-do list, stat, because starting this weekend, he’s doing a donut collab with Russ & Daughters. We sampled the first edition of the donut series, with Baroo: imagine the soft, flaky texture of a Krispy Kreme with the delicate sweetness of a well-trained chef.

And every Tuesday in February, he’s doing food specials to coincide with Cinefamily screenings of four Pedro Almodovar films in the lobby lounge.

Alma is also participating in DineLA, which kicks off this week with a tasting menu for lunch that includes a mouth-watering beet and farro salad and a smoked chicken club. We’ll be there.


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