You Could Manage a Pub and Be a King Just Off the English Coast

A bar like none other on Piel Island

Piel Castle
Scenic Piel Castle.
Gareth Page

Imagine living a life like The Lighthouse, but with less murder and more beer. Or perhaps like Cheers, but in England and in a castle. Also, you’d get to be a king. Strange as it sounds, this is not the end result of an algorithm assembling a disparate series of comparisons; instead, it’s a description of a position currently open on Piel Island, about half a mile off the coast of England.

Piel Island is home to Piel Castle, built in the 14th century, and its history includes it being especially useful to both monks and pirates, two groups that are not traditionally known for their affinity for one another. Nowadays, the island has but one permanent inhabitant — one based in the Ship Inn and entitled to the title of King of Piel.

And now, the Ship Inn is seeking a manager. The upside? Well, for starters, there’s the royal title. The idea of running a bar that’s existed for hundreds of years also sounds mightily enticing. Possibly less enticing, there’s the fact that the ferry to the mainland only runs from April through September.

The local borough council is looking to hire someone to reside there for the span of 10 years.

An article at Atlas Obscura has even more details, such as the ceremony that will mark the de facto coronation of the island’s next monarch. (Hint: it involves being doused with beer.) One assumes the ideal candidate will need to combine a genial sociability with a willingness to be a hermit at times. It’s not the most intuitive of combinations, but it is one that could pay off royally well.


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