Liquid I.V.’s Newest Product Is Our Summer Hydration Savior

The brand’s best-selling electrolyte drink mix is now sugar-free

June 21, 2023 11:21 am
The new Sugar-Free Hydration Multiplier electrolyte drink mix
Liquid I.V.

This summer, I’ve biked, hiked, ran, swam and walked more than I knew I was physically capable of.

I’ve never been the most athletic having lived in big cities my whole life, but I did want to impress my boyfriend’s outdoors-loving family by participating in their jam packed itinerary of quintessential summer activities. I just wasn’t sure if I would, you know, survive. 

No joke, my friends were worried for me. Biking around town and climbing a mountain or two all in one morning sounds kind of doable for someone whose primary form of breaking a sweat is the five minute walk to the subway. That is, until you’ve emptied out your shiny new water bottle and start seeing double. This is why one of my friends, in good natured mom-friend style, handed me multiple packets of Liquid I.V. leftover from when she ran the New  York City marathon.  

If you’re a runner like she is, you’re probably already familiar with the popular electrolyte drink mix, but you might not know what exactly these powdered packets are providing, and why they’re more beneficial than simply drinking a glass of water by itself. 

Liquid I.V. uses a fancy-sounding scientific system called Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to essentially speed up the absorption of water, vitamins and nutrients into your body. Each packet of the brand’s best-selling Hydration Multiplier hydrates you faster and more effectively than chugging a glass of water on its own and has three times the electrolytes your average sports drink. It’s also why, if you find yourself under the sun this summer, Liquid I.V. is a lifesaver. 

So why should all this be news to you? Whether you’re a city dweller like me or training towards your second marathon, you might want to know that the electrolyte giant just dropped its biggest launch in brand history. 

Introducing sugar-free Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier. The smart hydration solution features the same great benefits of the OG formula discussed above, but now with zero sugar. 

Instead of sugar, Liquid I.V. uses a proprietary “Amino Acid Allulose Blend.” If you’re unfamiliar with allulose, the sugar substitutes a naturally occurring sugar found in foods like figs and raisins. It tastes like table sugar, but doesn’t have the same adverse effects as real sugar, like spikes in blood glucose levels and calorie intake. 

The new product is available in three sugar-free flavors: Lemon Lime, White Peach and Green Grape — all of which are quite delicious. How would we know? We got an early taste test of the Sugar-Free Hydration Multiplier. Comparing the new product with Liquid I.V.’s original powdered hydration, which is formulated with real glucose, I honestly could not taste a difference. Unlike most sugar-free foods and drinks, which are often just sad knockoffs of whatever sugary deliciousness they’re trying to imitate, Liquid I.V.’s sugar-free formula tastes good and is equally efficient in preventing and soothing a hangover, along with ensuring you stay safely hydrated day-to-day. Liquid I.V.’s Sugar-Free Hydration Multiplier is available for purchase directly on the brand’s website.


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