Get a Latte From a Robot Barista

February 4, 2017 5:00 am

Do you need your caffeine in the morning, but you don’t desire all the human contact? Enter Cafe X Technologies. They’ve opened robot run cafés in San Francisco and Hong Kong. Granted, there’s always been a fair amount of science to make the perfect cup of coffee. (We’ve already looked into the math behind it.) Yet this takes tech to a new level, as computers claim a task we’d long assumed required a human touch.

How does it work? Customers first order lattes (or, should they prefer, cappuccinos and espressos). They then choose the kind of coffee beans and flavorings they want, all through a mobile app or the café’s iPad-powered kiosks. Then the robot takes over. Take a closer look at what the coffee shop of the future looks like in the short video below as a robot barista does its thing.

RealClearLife Staff


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