Italian Airport Makes a Quintessentially Italian Exemption for Liquid Carryons…Pesto

Travelers out of Genoa airport can now bring 500 ml of locally-made sauce aboard their flight.

June 26, 2017 5:00 am
Genoa Airport Relaxes Liquids in Carryons Restriction for Pesto
(SeM/UIG via Getty Images)

Remember the last time you were able to bring a liquid in your carryon luggage? It’s been awhile.

But if you happen to be traveling from Genoa, Italy, the city’s airport now grants a very specific exemption to the traditional liquid carry-on limits. Per the Independent, if you’ve purchased a jar of local pesto, travelers are now able to bring up to 500 ml—about 17 ounces—on board in their carry-on luggage.

To take part in the initiative, called Il Pesto è Buono (or “Pesto Is Good”), all travelers have to do is make a donation of about 50 cents to a children’s charity, and they’re given a sticker to put on the side of their jar or jars.

If you’re worried about terrorists flying out of Genoa with a pesto jar bomb, they wouldn’t get far; according to the Independent, “the pesto is then checked with the same anti-explosive equipment as is used to check medicines and breast milk.”


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