Deal: Get Rare Discounts on Field Company’s Lightweight Cast Iron During This Sale

Save up to $120 on the pans, including all stuff you need to maintain them

A cast iron skillet with a matching lid from American brand Field Company on a grey background
Field Company makes lightweight cast iron skillets (and lids!) right here in the U.S.
Field Company

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Buying a good cast-iron skillet invariably leads to lots of questions, about seasoning, maintenance, cleaning, as well as what the heck you’ll use as a lid when bacon grease starts spitting across your stovetop. 

Enter Field Company, which is offering big discounts on full skillet sets — including the pan, a matching cast-iron lid, and a number of accessories from their proprietary seasoning oil to leather handles to chain-mail scrubbers. And you can find it all at its Unofficial End of Summer Sale.

We love Field Company cast iron because not only are they made in the USA, but they are also much lighter than most other cast iron. I’ve been cooking with one for the last few months (full review coming soon), and the stress I’ve saved on my forearms is not insignificant. If this sounds like your kind of cast iron, then the best Labor Day deal for a Field Company lightweight pan is the No. 10 Skillet with a lid, care kit (oil, natural fiber brush, chain-mail scrubber) and a leather handle cover, which will save you a whopping $85. Though we’ve been testing the slightly smaller No. 8 skillet, we like the larger surface of the No. 10, which has a cooking surface diameter of 9.75 inches.

Looking to score some extra cast iron love? The sale also includes larger and smaller skillets with lids, as well as pans with various accoutrements if you don’t mind a little grease spray once in a while. 


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