Where to Take Her

By The Editors
October 4, 2013 9:00 am
InsideHook Where to Take Her Fall Movie Edition
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture

Because every man needs a plan, and some need that plan with pretty pictures, we present Where to Take Her: a series that answers a gentleman’s most pressing lifestyle questions and recurs whenever we get around to it. Today: fall movies. Enjoy.

Where to Take Her

Your Key:

American Hustle: If Boogie Nights were about New Jersey politics instead of porn. Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, ’70s hairdos. Watch trailer.

Anchorman 2: Because everyone could use a little more Sex Panther. Watch trailer.

Bad Grandpa: Jackass’s answer to Borat: Johnny Knoxville as a troubled octogenarian crossing America. Watch trailer.

Captain Phillips: Tom Hanks fights Somali pirates. True story! Watch trailer.

The Counselor: Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender take on a Cormac McCarthy legal thriller. Ridley Scott owes you one. Watch trailer.

Gravity: Alfonso Cuaron’s boundary-pushing space film. A rare must-see in IMAX 3D (no exceptions). Watch trailer.

Grudge Match: Stallone. De Niro. Boxers. Watch trailer.

Her: In the future, Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with Scarlett Johansson’s pillowy … voice. Spike Jonze directs. Watch trailer.

Inside Llewyn Davis: Bob Dylan’s life (or a facsimile thereof), as seen by the Coen Bros. Watch trailer.

The Monuments Men: The WWII Ocean’s Eleven, with Clooney, Damon and (surprise) Bill Murray vs. Nazis. Watch trailer.

Oldboy: An unnecessary but (fingers crossed) interesting remake of Park Chan-wook’s violent existential thriller. Two words: hammer fight. Watch trailer.

Runner Runner: Another poker movie from the guys who did Rounders. The Affleck/Timberlake casting may help your date. Watch trailer.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Fantasy-comedy-adventure with a pleasing cast (Stiller, Wiig, Adam Scott). Watch trailer.

The Wolf of Wall Street: ’80s greed, via Scorsese and featuring an epic Leonardo DiCaprio dance sequence. Watch trailer.

Zero Charisma: A Dungeon Master feels threatened by a new acolyte. Natch, it’s the first film release from Nerdist Industries. Watch trailer.


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