A Three-Michelin-Star Chef Designed a Grill and It’s Appropriately Excessive

Just add charcoal and a whole hog

August 7, 2017 9:00 am

It’s a scientific fact that food off of a charcoal grill tastes better than something cooked up on a gas cooker.

On the other hand, as science and a lack of lighter fluid has proven time and again, charcoal grills can be much harder to light, and fickle at times. Unless of course they’re hooked up to an electric starter, like the outstanding and multifunctional Everdure Hub just happens to be.

Designed and developed by Heston Blumenthal — the owner of one of four restaurants in Great Britain to have three Michelin stars — the Everdure Hub uses an electric-powered Fast Flame Ignition System to get charcoal burning at the right temperature in 10 minutes or less.

Blumenthal Grill (2 images)

Built to cut down on mess and fuss, the Everdure system has a chrome grill space with plenty of room as well as a built-in rotisserie system that’s equipped with “Cliplock” forks that’ll hold chickens, suckling pigs or really big marshmallows firmly in place.

“Over 20 years I’ve learnt how to get the best out of ingredients,” according to Blumenthal. “By incorporating some of my favorite techniques into these designs, I’ve created what some might call a 3 Michelin star barbeque range.” (Barbeque is British for grill.)

Modesty might not be Blumenthal’s strong point, but based on the look of the $2,000 grill, we’re willing to overlook it.


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