A Countertop Grill Designed by a Lockheed Engineer? We’re Listening.

Sleep with one eye open, Mr. Foreman

March 1, 2017 9:00 am

When it came to those clumsy George Foreman grills you had in college (and perhaps still have, no judgment from us), convenience trumped taste. And clean-up.

Thankfully, Cinder seems to have solved your countertop grilling woes. Dubbed a “precision grill,” the new appliance is designed to cook meats evenly within a target temperature (a variable of just 0.1 degrees). It’s supposed to marry the exactness of sous-vide with “the power of a stovetop.”

Designed by a former Lockheed engineer and using the same tech that satellites use to stay in orbit, Cinder uses an array of tiny heating nodes to keep your cooking temp almost perfectly even. You basically can’t overcook anything. An app will tell you when your food is done.

Other bonuses: Cinder both cooks and sears (sans oil). Clean-up is essentially a wipe down with a paper towel (though, as someone who owns a Foreman grill, I’d say that really depends on what you cook). Gizmodo recently gave the grill a glowing review, although it noted the device takes up a fairly large amount of counter space.

The first round of Cinder grills, taken from an Indiegogo campaign, shipped last month. You can sign up for round two of the grills here.

(H/t Gear Patrol)


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