Where’s the Beef? Right Here.

ButcherBox: Great, all-natural steak, delivered

By The Editors
September 23, 2015 9:00 am
Where’s the Beef? Right Here.
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Vegetarians: you’ll have your day.

But tonight, we’re having steak.

Aaaand … maybe every night after that.

All thanks to ButcherBox, the new carnivore-friendly subscription service, now available for preorder.

BB is like a butcher who arrives at your door every month proffering their choicest cuts.

They certainly know their stuff: the company’s in-house “meat connoisseur” used to work at Omaha Steaks, winner of our 2013 Great Steak Debate.

What truly separates the ‘Box from other steak delivery companies — besides the subscription model — is its adherence to 100% grass-fed beef, a rarity (1%) in the meat world.

No feedlots. No hormones.

Result: meat that’s lower in fat and cholesterol. And damn tastier.

Every month, you’ll receive a cooler box curated with sirloin cuts, short ribs and ground beef, enough for roughly 15-20 meals.

Plus, recipes and grilling tips.

ButcherBox is currently on Kickstarter: order now and you’ll receive your first box later this fall.

Thanks to BB hitting their stretch goals, you’ll now also be able to ask for organic chicken, sustainably-raised pork or paleo bacon.

No word on kale.

Nota bene: Like beef? Check out the new meat tome Crafted Meats: The New Meat Culture, available soon from Gestalten.

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