BrewDog End of History Beer Costs $20K and Comes in a Taxidermied Squirrel

January 2, 2017 5:00 am
BrewDog's End of History Beer Bottle
BrewDog End of History Beer Bottle


Norman Bates would be so proud.

For the first time, BrewDog, a Scottish craft beer producer, has launched its ultra-rare (and ultra-potent) 55 percent ABV “End of History” Belgian ale bottle in the United States. What’s so Psycho about it? It costs $20,000 and comes in a taxidermied squirrel.

Now, we know what you’re saying: “Twenty grand is a little bit steep for a single bottle of beer. Even if it is called BrewDog End of History Beer.” Which is absolutely true. But what you’re actually doing with those bucks is buying into Europe’s largest craft brewer. And it won’t be the first time.

BrewDog already has a $50 million “Equity for Punks” crowdfunding initiative, which serves over 46,000 investors worldwide. (The company also owns a number of international beer bars.)

The brewer has now opened this equity initiative to the U.S. And the perks are pretty outstanding. Besides your own squirrel-koozied beer bottle, you get to name one of BrewDog’s fermentation tanks. And you get access to a first-run of the company’s Uncle Duke’s Scotch whiskey. (Yeah, they distill the brown stuff, too. You sort of have to if you’re in Scotland.)

Feeling even more generous? Donate $50,000 or more to BrewDog. That will land you a four-day trip to Scotland and dinner with BrewDog’s founders, Martin Dickie and James Watt. They’ll hook you up with all of the above and send you home with a quarter-barrel of their Lone Wolf whiskey.

For more on Equity for Punks USA, go here. For more on the BrewDog brand, go here. To learn more about the founders’ latest investment promotion, which involves Las Vegas, gambling, and fire, watch the video below.


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