Miami’s Vegan Baking Maven Shares Her Top 5 Plant-Based Restaurants

Pamela Wasabi also recommends her favorite dishes, from pulled "pork" to chlorophyll arepas

November 1, 2022 7:20 am
An overhead photo of dishes from Love Life Cafe, a vegan restaurant in Miami that's a favorite of baker Pamela Wasabi
"This is my go-to meeting place," says Wasabi of Love Life Cafe.
Love Life Cafe

The mastermind behind Pamela Wasabi Bakery, a wholesale plant-based bakery in Miami, knows a thing or two about the South Florida vegan scene. After suffering from a chronic condition during her pregnancy, Wasabi sought out a new perspective on food, settling on the tastiest possible version of veganism. Opened in 2016, her business intertwines eating, psychology, integrative nutrition, eastern philosophies and food artistry.

“Veganism opened my understanding of what food could be,” Wasabi tells InsideHook. “It changed my approach to nutrition from monotonous, boring and habitual to an exciting path full of choices. It brought awareness to my relationship with food; it gave me insights into slowing down when eating. The biggest lesson was to be grateful for my food, inquire where it comes from and understand it as energy.”

Since her treats are our addiction, we decided to ask her for her favorite vegan spots in the Magic City and all her top picks from the menu. 

Love Life Cafe

Get this: The taco salad, the “Best Veggie Burger in America,” chlorophyll arepa with maduros

“This is my go-to meeting place and where I bring my family and friends to taste what real vegan food tastes like. Their food is far from boring; it’s colorful and chock-full of flavor that mixes different cuisines from Latin to Italian, including curries and stews. My favorite thing is that each plate contains wholesome foods you can see and taste.”

Vegan Cuban Cuisine

Get this: Chickpea croquetas, fried yuquitas, tostones and their pulled “pork” jackfruit bowl

“The texture of these croquetas is incredible. I love the mushiness and the still crisp outside layer. I need to have them with the cilantro garlic sauce. This is the place I love treating my staff to. It’s fun and creative, keeping the traditional Cuban flair intact!”

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Minty Z

Get this: Smashed cucumber salad, cauliflower kimchi and classic bao buns

Wasabi’s only been here once, but she’s dying to come back. “I dream of returning. I came with some friends to celebrate our birthdays; we had a feast. We ordered so many things. Each was unique to its name. All the food is wholesome, there are no fake meat substitutions and their Asian-fusion flavors come through on each bite without overpowering the next one. I salivated at every plate, and I called it orgasmic! It’s truly an artform of cuisine.”

The Plantisserie

Get this: White rice plate with shredded jackfruit and green beans

“I’m the kind of person that sticks to the same dish when I have found something I like. The dish makes its way into my subconscious and tells my mind: relax, everything will be OK; slow down, enjoy and love yourself. When I need this message, I come to Plantisserie.”

The Last Carrot

Get this: Falafel pita bread with green sauce, lemonade with a shot of wheatgrass

Wasabi says this place is unforgettable. “Nothing tastes like Last Carrot. You can buy the same veggies and stick them to pita bread, and still, it’s not the same thing. Anything in their pita bread smudged with their special sauce tastes just right! I love the food and eating there at the bar, elbowing with somebody who enjoys their ambiance and food as much as I do. You can have casual conversations, joke with the staff, get to say hi to Erin [the owner] and rub on her incredible energy.”


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