The 11 Best Private Dining Rooms in LA

For when you want to host a party … but not at your house

February 7, 2020 6:17 am
private dining room birdie g's
"Al's Workshop," the sprawling private room at Birdie G's
Elise Freimuth

The two happiest moments in a party host’s night are the moment the final guest leaves and the moment you finish cleaning up.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

Perhaps your next soiree or cause for celebration would be better handled by one of our city’s fine restaurants — namely, one of the ones that houses a private dining room that can accommodate those who want a little privacy, special service and the chance to hear their dining partners talk for once. Below you’ll find 11 of our favorites, cast in order from the most casual to the most churched-up. 

Echo Park
Unless you’re a skilled chef, Japanese food is one of those technical cuisines that’s best eaten from someone else’s kitchen. Ototo has a charming 10-seat dining room that’s separate from the rest of the Sake bar, a perfect nook to nosh on panko-fried pork and cabbage pancakes. 

The sun-drenched private dining room at Tallula’s (Marisa Vitale)

Santa Monica
On beachy days, hit Tallula’s. Once inside, climb the central staircase to the second floor, where you’ll find your own bar and private bathroom along with a table for 20. It’s sun-drenched and breezy, with blonde wood floors, white walls and macramé on the wall — beach vibes through and through. Definitely go family-style on the menu by ordering some flavorful nachos to share. This is a great spot for a day hang.

manuela private dining room
Manuela (Sim Canetty-Clarke)

Arts District
This is a rustic experience that’s modeled after a traditional glass house in Hauser Wirth, a solid art gallery. The 14-person table has a view of the sculpture garden, and the mural with the Swiss pastoral scene was specially commissioned for the private room by Raymond Pettibon.

Birdie G’s
Santa Monica
Birdie G’s private room is an homage to Chef Jeremy Fox’s grandpa that he calls “Al’s Workshop.” It can hold 50 heads. It’s well-lit industrial chic, with hanging plants by Lilla Bello (a florist in Bergamot Station) that breathe life into the space. They’ve partnered with the galleries within Bergamot to rotate the art in the hallway and private room. Right now, there’s a colossal photograph by Ormond Gigli from 1960 called “Models in the Windows.” 

baker's table bon temps private dining room los angeles
The Baker’s Table at Bon Temps (Wonho Frank Lee)
Wonho Frank Lee

Bon Temps
Arts District
If you haven’t been to Bon Temps yet, a dinner party is a fine reason to go. Chef Lincoln Carson is a pastry genius so bring the sweet tooth. Their salmon and oysters are also on point. The Baker’s Table + Wine Room is a semi-private dining room that seats 22 with a view of the bakery.

Crossroads Kitchen 
West Hollywood
The most inventive plant-based food in town will leave you feeling quite good provided you don’t overdo it on the bar. For a sexy, intimate party, their private room can park 14 folks in comfy red chairs. The room is fitted with an arched old-world plaster ceiling and an original Toulouse Lautrec print.

cassia los angeles private dining room
Cassia (Jakob Layman)
Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Santa Monica
At Cassia you’re completely walled off from the rest of the bustling restaurant at one long 20-person walnut table. It’s got serene Asian vibes, with a fabric wall hanging and a pair of credenzas covered with lanterns, candles, bowls of seasonal fruit and fresh flowers. The other side is a glass wall of wine bottles. You’ll want to do the family-style meal here.

Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant 
A slice of old-school Hollywood with the best red meat in town. Curtis Stone’s steak joint is classic LA vibes meets New World cuisine, and the Mezzanine Wine Room can plate meat for up to 30 carnivores. You’re completely removed from the main dining room floor, complete with your own bar and surrounded by Gwen’s extensive wine collection.

Hancock Park
Housed in Charlie Chaplin’s old Gothic offices, Republique offers a variety of private dining options, but we’re focusing on the Left Back Wine Room, where 18 oenophiles can swirl the juice from the restaurant’s impressive collection — it just pairs so nicely with the signature rotisserie bird. The room is dark, warmed by a brick wall and completely removed from the large, convivial main areas. Conversational is an apt description.

The White Room at Tres at the SLS Hotel
Image Mechanics

Tres at SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills
The Beatles had the White Album. Spinal Tap had the Black Album. Chef Jose Andrés at the SLS Beverly Hills has both: The White Room, decorated in all white, whimsical décor, and the Black Room, with sleek lines and a crown-shaped chandelier. The White Room can accommodate up to 12 guests while the recommended capacity for the Black Room is four.

Hands down the swankiest dining experience on this list. There are eight different ways to slice the cake at Redbird, which hosts its private dining experiences in the massive old church next door, called Vibian. We’re calling your attention to the East Room, a room with a long 30-person table that sits right in the kitchen with Chef Neal Fraser.


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