Deal: Take Up to 78% Off All-Clad Cookware, Bulk Up Your Kitchen

The best pots and pans for new home cooks and amateur chefs alike

All-Clad Copper Core, stainless steel and nonstick pots and pans on a grey background. All of them are on sale at the Home & Cook website.
All-Clad's top-of-the-line Copper Core cookware and its standard nonstick pans are on super sale.
Home & Cook

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I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets during the coronavirus outbreak to the effect of, I really should have learned to cook before being quarantined. And sure, if you’re an adult, you really should know your way around the spice cabinet and at least a few recipes by heart. But if you’re a dine-in, delivery or takeout person, never fear. 

Here’s your two-step plan: 1) Watch Bon Appétit’s “From the Test Kitchen” YouTube videos to get inspiration (or really any of the thousands of how-to internet cooking shows) and 2) shop the latest All-Clad factory seconds sale where you can save hundreds of dollars on superior cookware.

If you don’t know the drill yet, here’s the deal: All-Clad, one of the most respected brands in kitchen accoutrement, occasionally throws humongous sales on factory seconds, or pots and pans that have minor cosmetic flaws but no performance defects. Basically, they slightly dinged some cookware and now are obligated to give it to you at discounts up to 78% off. Sometimes it’s even as simple as packaging damage.

There’s a lot going on, with hundreds of items on sale, but there are two categories to pay attention to. The first is for people who need the basics: the Stainless Cookware section, where you’ll find various nonstick and stainless steel pots and pans. The second is for those of you looking to take your kitchen to the next level: the Copper Core Cookware section, where you’ll find All-Clad’s top-notch pans that are designed to heat evenly all the way around, unlike most people’s pans that heat under the burner and then slowly spread out.

Right now there’s no end date for the sale, but discounts like these usually sell out quickly.


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