$2300 Burger Is Impressive, But Doesn’t Quite Hit the Spot

Dutch chef tries to set new world record with deluxe burger

June 12, 2017 5:00 am

What would a $2300 burger look like? More importantly, what would it taste like?

Thanks to Dutch chef Diego Buik, we have answers to these questions.

Buik, a burger lover who was aiming for entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, made his burger with Japanese dry-aged Wagyu beef and topped it with gin-infused Oosterschelde lobster, foie gras, white truffles, Remeker cheese, Iberian ham, French lettuce, Japanese fruit tomatoes, and caviar. Quite the ritzy ingredients list, for sure.

The sauce was made with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Madagascan vanilla, saffron, soy sauce, and more lobsters. Even the brioche bun is coated in 24 karat gold leaf.

While Buik certainly enjoyed his creation, he admits that simpler is better when it comes to burgers, and had a better one at a British chain restaurant for $19 (which is still expensive for a burger). Apparently, the expense paid for the ingredients is no guarantee that they’ll work well together.

Worse, Buik’s burger isn’t even the most expensive one of its kind. That record is still held by Juicy’s Outlaw Grill in Corvalis, OR, who made a $5,000 burger.


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