The Made-in-Texas Super Bowl Spread to Order for the Big Game

Get all the essentials shipped straight to your house

February 3, 2023 6:15 am
Lockhart wings
Lockhart wings

Another year, another Super Bowl without the Cowboys or Texans. It’s OK — we’ve been training for this scenario for decades. But despite having no local representation on the field, the game is still happening, which means you’re going to require a full spread of food to enjoy throughout the day. We’re talking Texas-made kolaches, sausages, queso and other essentials that will ship straight to your house and feed you and your friends from pre-game coverage to the final whistle. The best part: everything below tastes great whether you’re invested in the outcome or just there for the commercials.

Weikel's kolaches.
Weikel’s kolaches.


Weikel’s Bakery

If your Super Bowl festivities are starting early, you’re going to need sustenance to fortify you for a long day. That’s where kolaches come into play — specifically those from Weikel’s, the family-run bakery in LaGrange that’s been sharing its Czech recipes with the world since 1982. Choose from favorites like apple, blueberry and cherry, or hedge your bets with a variety pack. Weikel’s also makes great cinnamon rolls, so do the right thing and add a dozen of those to your order.

Smoked Sausages

Kreuz Market

This Central Texas institution has been smoking meat since 1875, and doing so under the Kreuz banner since 1900. Naturally, they’ve perfected the art over the years and have inspired countless pitmasters since, so you can trust them to provide top-notch sausage for the game. Keep it classic with the original sausage, which sees beef-and-pork links seasoned with salt, pepper and cayenne and then smoked low and slow over post oak, or spice things up with the jalapeño-cheddar sausages. 

Super Bowl snacks
Brisket from Snow’s BBQ
Snow’s BBQ


Snow’s BBQ

It’s just good luck that one of Texas’s best barbecue joints will ship their wares straight to your house. That’s the case with Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, which smokes whole briskets for 10 to 12 hours until the bark is crispy and the smoke permeates every ounce of the tender meat. Place your order, then sit by the door like a kid on Christmas until that vacuum-packed brisket arrives, complete with reheating instructions to follow on game day. 

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Chicken Wings

Lockhart Smokehouse

We shudder to imagine a Super Bowl party without wings on the table. So to avoid that sad scenario, stock up on these chicken wings from Lockhart Smokehouse, an operation that’s part of the Kreuz family lineage. The wings are seasoned with dry rub, smoked for a taste of Texas barbecue, and shipped 50 to an order, so there’s enough for everyone.

Super Bowl snacks
Chili from Texas Chili Company
Texas Chili Company


Texas Chili Company

A warm bowl of chili is ready to comfort you on cold days, during halftime, or in case of lost prop bets. This old-fashioned Texas chili is made with a classic recipe featuring tomatoes, beef and absolutely zero beans. So while your team might not win, you can at least avoid the potential for heated bean-related disputes.


Picos Mexican Restaurant

When it comes to Super Bowl spreads, “dips” is an entire category and one that’s not to be taken lightly. Like most things in life, parties are improved with queso, so start there. You can make a batch yourself and keep it going all day in the crock pot, or you can tell people you made it yourself, when you really just sourced a vat from Picos in Houston. They’ve got two options: a traditional chile con queso with cheddar in the starring role, and a spicy version featuring habanero and serrano peppers.  

Fredericksburg Farms Salsa
Fredericksburg Farms Salsa
Fredericksburg Farms


Fredericksburg Farms

Pair that queso with a few salsas and a never-ending pile of chips, and you’re in business. Fredericksburg Farms makes a variety of red and green salsas in the Texas Hill Country, with varieties accounting for multiple peppers (chipotle, tomatillo, jalapeño) as well as peach salsa, cilantro-garlic and black bean and corn. Choose your favorites, or get the Party Pack, which bundles four salsas with two bags of tortilla chips and serving bowls.


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