Major Flavor

January 11, 2013 9:00 am

There are methods aplenty for expanding your mind, but to get those benefits you’d have do something illegal or, worse, move to California.

Giving you the legal means, and deliciously: a miracle fruit “flavor tripping” party this Sunday, hosted by renowned “hi-tech laser chef” (seriously) Homaro Cantu, taking reservations now.

Here’s the drill.

Miracle Fruit are those merry berries from West Africa that temporarily make food taste wonderfully different. 

Lemons taste like sweet lemonade. Guinness tastes like chocolate milk.

And Cantu, he’s the Chicago chef who runs an entire restaurant based on the fruit. He’s known for his hi-tech cooking (liquid nitrogen, lasers), and he’s in town to promote his new cookbook.

Flavor tripping party

The party’s at Fatta Cuckoo, whose name is as charming as its decor.

There, Cantu will explain the berries’ history and uses, before leading the group on a flavor journey of cocktails and food stations both sweet and savory.

The party’s run by the gonzo food dudes at Underground Eats, and tickets are extremely limited – luckily, a block’s been set aside for InsideHook readers at 20% off.

Have a nice trip.


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