The Best Breweries in and Around Miami

With a mini-crawl already planned for you

March 17, 2023 6:00 am
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The best breweries for your next beach vacation
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We live in a glorious time for brewery lovers. It’s no longer a Budweiser vs. Miller world. Instead, we have a Budweiser-owned property masquerading as a craft brewery (more on that later) a few doors down from an old-hat brewer (which opened in 2013). 

The following eight breweries are all in Miami or around an hour’s drive from Miami. And here’s the mandatory warning that accompanies every beer-centric travel roundup: Don’t drink and drive. Ride-sharing exists. 

Copperpot Brewing Company 

This Boynton Beach brewery prides itself on its independence and award-winning beers — two things worth admiring. Since 2014, Matt Cox has grown his brand into a 15,000-square-foot facility, with accolades from the U.S. Open Beer Championship, Great American Beer Festival, United States Beer Tasting Championship and others. Go for the award-winning beer, stay for a brewery tour.

Funky Buddha Brewery 

Looking for some barrel-aged stouts? Need some maple bacon beer? Prefer seltzer over beer? Funky Buddha is offering it all, in addition to the classic Floridian Wheat Beer, IPAs and lagers. The popular and massive Oakland Park brewery is fantastic for large groups, four-legged friends and the hop-curious. They offer both public and private tours. I wonder if the beer tastes different on a private tour? 

J. Wakefield Brewing

If you’re going to one brewery in or near Miami, this is the one that you need to visit. The best of the best, J. Wakefield started in 2005 with a homebrew kit. They opened the brewery in 2015 and have been the toast of Dade ever since. They’re known for their sours, and if you prefer a more traditional taste, you’re still fine — the taproom utilizes all 15 taps, and most do not feature fruit. If you’re visiting from out of town, this is where you’ll buy a case to bring home. It’s that good. Oh, and your Star Wars friend might want to make a pilgrimage. The place has a Han Solo-in-carbonite table

Odd Breed Wild Ales

A 2021 Great American Beer Festival gold medal-winner for Oddities and Outliers Blend 2, Odd Breed Wild Ales lives up to its name. They specialize in wild ales and farmhouse ales, making the kind of beer you’ll find at the next-big-thing restaurant serving New American food. Odd Breed is for the beer aficionado who appreciates ale on a fine wine level. If there’s a beer lover in your life who isn’t satisfied with Drizly offerings, head here. 

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Saltwater Brewery

If you need to feel good about your drinking, Saltwater may be what you’re looking for. The brewery helped shine a light on the detrimental plastics in the ocean when it began selling their beer in eco-friendly six-pack rings. The edible material can be digested by sea turtles and other marine life without harming them. Order a Sea Cow Milk Stout and do your (admittedly very, very small) part.

Titanic Brewery & Restaurant

Don’t look past the humble brewpub — not every brewery has to produce massive quantities of ale. We’re recommending Miami’s oldest, neighborhood favorite Titanic. Order one of the six house brews. Or all of them. Actually, just some of them would be best. 

Veza Sur 

This place may not be a craft brewery (at least not according to a 2020 lawsuit brought by consumers Byron Jackson and Mario Mena Jr. against Anheuser-Busch and its subsidiary, Miami Beer Ventures LLC (MBV), in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Florida Miami Division). But we’re including Veza Sur because it is in Wynwood, features a very large patio and beer garden, offers excellent happy hour specials and, most importantly, the beer is good! We like the Veza Sur Cold IPA. If you like it too, get a six-pack to-go. Is it craft? Does it matter? These are questions only you and your beer god can answer. 

Wynwood Brewing 

Yes, there are three breweries in Wynwood in this roundup. It’s intentional. If you can do a mini-beer crawl without leaving a neighborhood, that’s a very good afternoon/evening. Wynwood Brewing makes the cut because it’s a father-and-son shop that’s been doing it right for a while. The official craft beer of the Miami Heat (even though we all know Jimmy Butler is a Michelob Ultra man) is also the oldest brewery in Wynwood (est. 2013). Go for the neighborhood art, stay for the breweries and leave to go to a Marlins game. Getting from Wynwood to LoanDepot Park in an Uber is really easy, and you shouldn’t be driving anyway. 


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